How It Works

An Overview of Hiring Professionals


Find Quality Freelancers & Other Service Professionals.

  • Signing up is easy. It’s free! Plus, you get 10 credits in your account to try us out. Bonus!
  • Ready to find the right talent for your project? Post your job simply and quickly with the following information:
    • Tell us more about the project -- what are your needs and goals?
    • What skills are you looking for?
    • Time frame: when do you need the project completed by?
    • Is payment per project or hourly?
    • Would you prefer the professional to be local, remote or either?
      • SUBMIT! ☺
  • Once you post, professionals may then bid on your post to apply. This ensures that you are getting quality bids from people who care about your work and want to see you succeed.
  • You will receive emails from candidates who have expressed interest in your project. From there, you will be able to review each professional’s resume and work.
  • You can also search our site for talent if you prefer not to post a project, and use credits to reach out to them.
  • If you like what you see, pay 5 credits to connect, it’s that easy. 5 credits give you access to our chat feature where you can exchange information and take the conversation further.
  • Commit the project through Mary’s List and pay your Professional through our trusted payment processors, either in one lump sum or by installments. It’s that easy!
Cost Breakdown

Pay as you go, no commitment necessary. No scary contracts, no recurring monthly bills. Just pay for what you need and keep it moving.

  • 1 credit = $1 dollar.
  • $1 dollar = 1 credit
  • Cost to post a project = 10 credits
  • Cost for a Professional to bid on a project = 1 credit
  • Cost to connect and chat = 5 credit
  • Cost to award a project = Free!

Cost for a Business to list their profile = $50 for 30 days

Receive 10 credits free just for signing up!

That means that Businesses can post their first project for free OR unlock a chat with 2 Professionals they are interested in connecting with, gratis.

Professionals can bid on 10 projects, for FREE, to start, to see if Mary’s List is the right place for them to get hired.

Chat Feature

Each project includes access to the Mary’s List chat feature, which allows Businesses and Professionals to communicate through the site, send and receive files and share feedback on the project directly through Mary’s List. This keeps communication all in one place, making it easier for users to keep track of the project.

Ticketing System

Mary’s List has a fully integrated Ticketing System in place should the need arise. Fill out a ticket on the site and allow Mary’s List to monitor any pending issues with the site.

How do I know I can trust the
professionals listed on your site?

Mary’s List engages a variety of measures to ensure a fair and reliable professional services marketplace for the cannabis community. Our team confirms everyone’s identities by verifying email addresses and reviewing each and every profile before it is approved for posting. We provide access to a professional’s profile for you to review. The profile will give a sense of the Professional’s skill level, expertise and experience. Businesses also have the opportunity to see how many projects a Professional has worked on and read reviews of their work before committing. Although it is ultimately the Business’ responsibility to vet the right Professional to meet the needs required for the project, we give you the tools to do it. View a Professional’s profile and then use our platform to review proposals, chat, and connect, before ultimately deciding to move forward.

Professionals: An Overview of Applying for Projects.

Sign up for free on Mary’s List to get started. 10 credits are included with your profile initially giving you access to apply for 10 different projects.

When you sign up you will be asked to fill out a profile, with places and spaces to indicate what you would like a potential employer to see. Include pdf’s of previous work (or links to websites you’ve worked on!) as long as it DOES NOT contain any contact information (see our Terms of Service for more information). Your profile is a way of allowing a business a preview of what’s to come, so make it fabulous, it’s your first impression!

Once you’ve created a profile, you can then search project postings (yay!). When a posting comes up that you like, bid on the project by submitting your resume + portfolio, and a customized proposal. Name your hourly price or offer a package price for the project. Once you apply for a posting, a Business will then gain full access to your proposal and profile. If the potential employer likes what he or she sees, they can choose to initiate contact with you through our customized messaging feature.

All Business information is kept confidential until they choose to connect to and reach out you. This keeps interactions mutual and consensual. We are only about consent.

If a Business chooses to award you a project (congrats!), get paid through our platform and keep track of all work and communications directly through Mary’s List. Think of Mary’s List as your one-stop-shop for managing all of your work! Once the project is completed, businesses can rate you and vice versa, allowing you to build up a presence on our site. Put your best foot forward and show ‘em what you got, super star.

Mary’s List is here to empower you to be a boss and run your business, seek out your own clients and work on your time. By using Mary’s List, you have the ability to decide where, when and how you choose to work, and get paid. So go ahead, be the freelancing star you were born to be – we’ve got your back!


You choose how you want to get paid using BlueSnap, our amazing payment processor. Whatever your choice is, please allow up to two weeks for payment on a project as our Mary’s List bookkeeping fairies are hard at work making sure everyone gets a pay-day.


Why is contact information kept hidden?

  • We want to protect the identity of people within the cannabis space and minimize their risk of exposure. We know how hard it can be to work in this industry. We want to reduce the risk for people in the community so that they can continue to do what they love without being singled out or persecuted. Unfortunately, as many of us know, once a bank, payment processor, landlord, or finds out you’re in the cannabis industry, you can face serious consequences. Bank accounts shut down, payment processing accounts frozen, increase in rental price. Whatever it is, we are by your side, we are proud of you, and we want you to feel safe doing business until the world moves past the stigma and accepts the medicine.
  • We ask that all interactions be kept on the site to help us with the cost of running the platform. We are a bootstrapped startup and need the funds to help our launch! These funds help you succeed and one day make it possible to change our fee structure. So please help us, help you!

I’m an agency or consulting firm, can I still use your site?

  • Absolutely! You can either have individuals at your company create their own profiles with their specific skill set, free of charge (hey there, Ms.Being-Pro-Active-&-Bringing-In-New-Business!) or list your Business on Mary’s List for $50 / 30 days.

I’m having a hard-time categorizing my business or skill set. What should I do?

  • Email us so we can create a new custom category just for you and your friends!☺

Reach Out

We encourage comments, questions and concerns about our platform because we are here to build a user experience. Please let us know how we are doing at hi@maryslist.co. We can only make Mary’s List work better for you if you tell us how!