About Us

About Us

Mary’s List is born out of the love of two individuals with a passion for helping others, supporting them on their journey and watching them grow. And, of course...the cannabis plant.

Denise Biderman, Co-Founder and CEO of Mary’s List, is a born and raised New York City kid who always knew where her life’s purpose lay. In the service of others and helping the world. She is a former attorney whose passion for cannabis turned into a business to help others succeed in the space.

Denise met Taylor Aldredge, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer, aka The Ambassador of Buzz, through a glitch in the matrix and to put it bluntly, it was lit at first sight. They talked all things cannabis for hours and hours. The more they heard, the more they liked, and the two immediately knew that they were destined to make magic together.

Before joining the Mary’s List team, Taylor was the head of public relations at Grasshopper, and worked with companies to improve their B2B marketing strategies. He loves long walks on the beach, puppies, beer and insanely strong coffee.

Company Profile

Mary's List is a professional services marketplace for the cannabis industry that connects businesses of all sizes with freelancers and service providers on a project-to-project basis.

Mary's List is the perfect place to find help for your next project. We have specialists from many different professions ready to assist you. Whether you need a lawyer to advise on a part of your cannabis business, an accountant to help with financial questions or an event planner or marketer to help you get your product in front of more people, whatever it is, we'll help find someone for you. Mary's List is the professional support system you've been looking for in the cannabis industry. We have your back, and we’ll make sure you find the right person for you next project.

Mary's List is lowering the barriers to entry for entrepreneurs and freelancers by reducing overhead for cannabis companies looking to hire lawyers, accountants, grow consultants, security consultants, graphic designers, photographers, web designers, technical writers, marketers and other experts needed to help their business grow. We see how hard it is to find good help in the industry, so we're taking the guesswork out of finding the right people for your project. You can list your project on Mary's List and connect with amazing individuals & companies that want to help grow your business too. If we all help support each other's businesses, then we can truly push this industry forward in a positive direction and get more medicine into the hands of people that need it.

By creating a community that includes titans of the industry and newcomers on the fringe looking to get involved, we believe Mary's List can help facilitate world-wide growth and acceptance of medicinal cannabis. Mary's List can help normalize the conversation around cannabis and bring a much needed pillar of support to an industry that has been in the dark for far too long. It is time to come into the light. We're cannabis entrepreneurs supporting cannabis entrepreneurs. Sign up for Mary's List and see how high your career can go.